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2017 Horay!

Welcome to 2017. It seems that this year the apocolypse has started. Well, if anything, the Helderberg fires might be a good sign that shtf or is busy happening. Whether this is human made climate change, a natural cycle of the earth or whatever theory one has, we can clearly see changes happening on earth. […]


Anonymous hacks the Bilderbergmeetings

The Bilderberg meetings website that is the location where the rich and powerful come together every year and “discuss” things.  Not sure really what is discussed but i bet its not really to the benefit of society. The hacker group Anonymous hacked the Bilderberg Meetings official website and left the following message: / / _ […]


The Antarctic Treaty

Antarctica remains no man’s land. Luckily at this time of writing it’s more or less free of government and the mess the rest of the world is in. That is changing however, countries are starting to be more aggressive in Antarctica. In July Australia even named 17 islands they claim is theirs. Things are heating […]


Mozilla Firefox Focus

Hopefully one day Mozilla will create a search engine for privacy as well. For now, they created Mozilla Firefox Focus, a new browser for your IOS aimed at privacy. Unfortunately this browser is not yet made for Android but not that it would help anyway, Android is a Google operating system so you basically have […]


What is the difference between nothing and space

A theory i’ve thought about a while, something like this:   A question is, is space nothing or what is nothing. Absolutely nothing might not exist because if space and nothing is different we would not know what nothing is because everything void of something existing such as air, or anything that can be measured, […]

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Oil at 110, not likely.

Oil looks like it finally reach its recent plato, it might not go further than 108.50  but if things change it could shoot up to 110, that is at least according to me. I doubt oil will stay at 108 – 110 for long. Here is why: All is not going well in China. The […]