The Baobab tree

The Baobab tree is probably one of Africa’s greatest natural treasures. The Baobab tree has so many myths and legends attached to it, it has so many uses and is engraved in most African cultures.

Some people call it "the upside down tree" because when you look at the tree it sometimes look as if the roots are on the top and the real tree is buried somewhere under ground, luckily thats not the case.

Apart from having fruit the Baobab tree makes a great camping place since most animals including elephants cant get to the top or push down the tree, it is therefore a great place to setup camp… Inside of the tree.

The Baobab’s fruit is nice and big, about 20cm average. The fruit itself has so many nutritional properties and can be a life saver if you are lost on the bushes, they contain Antidiarrhoeal elements, Anti-inflammatory and Anti viral properties.

When pulling back the bark of the tree water can be found.



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