First of all this new function on WordPress rocks. I am talking about the fullscreen button in WordPress. I only discovered it today. And to be honest I dont know if it was in the previous versions of WordPress.

To the topic.

Often when I browse I see people trying to rate high for certain keywords on search engines. While that’s nice and all, people search for everything as I have noticed in the past view weeks. started out as a niche blog about blogging. But like many people the blog grew and more people started to blog on Fromtheold. This post is now about my blog dont worry. Just want to show something. So the topics grew and the categories grew until what you see now. But the weirdest thing I have noticed with blog growth is the weird things people search for on the internet.

Basically you can type anything and people will come. Obviously certain things get more traffic than others and certain things also has a higher click on the ads rate if you know what I mean. I used to think that you need to blog where everyone is at in order for you to take a part of the readers.

But blogging what you really want to blog about is far greater since there is someone that is searching for every topic out there. I mean for every thing blogging about , there is someone that will read it. Some things more than others.

So. When blogging you are basically deciding your audience. Blogging about sport will get you sporty people etc.

Now while that point might be obvious, not everyone thinks about it, and if you think about it real hard you will realize that to convert your blogging goals into reality you have to focus on the readers that will help you get there and thereby posting what they want, whatever that is while still enjoying blogging.

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