The British Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has purposed that the US and the UK stand together (like they did with iraq and messed it up) to filter the internet.

Now this turd wants to decide for you, what exactly you may or may not watch.

First of all he used the smoke screen that children need to be protected while they are left on their own for hours. That point is just as stupid as the idea itself. For instance. Would you leave your child in the road unattended? Would you leave your child in a city unattended? No you wont, just like the internet. Its not called the communication highway mr turd Andy Burnham.

Filtering the internet with a movie style rating system is FAIL. Yes, you cant slap a sticker on a site and give it a rating that some pommy decides this shit is bad for your mother or your UNATTENDED child as you mentioned.

I have a idea, why dont you mr Andy Burham first go read about this thing called the internet. You might learn a few things. One of which the internet is one of the best tools in the world to protect civilization from idiots like you.

In case you dont know what I am talking about you can read here:

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British Culture Secretary Andy Burnham told the Daily Telegraph newspaper that the UK would like to work with the incoming Obama administration to develop a

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By Andrew Heining | 12.30.08 Would Facebook

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