Bruce Metzger called the Old Testament part of "Myth"

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It is clear that Bruce Metzger should never of written most of what he did because he would of saved himself a lot of issues.

In the New Oxford Annotated Bible RSV of 1973 Bruce Metzger and his co-editor wrote:

“The Old Testament may be described as the literary expression of the religious life of ancient Israel. … The Israelites were more history-conscious than any other people in the ancient world. Probably as early as the time of David and Solomon, out of a matrix of myth, legend, and history, there had appeared the earliest written form of the story of the saving acts of God from Creation to the conquest of the Promised Land, an account which later in modified form became a part of Scripture. But it was to be a long time before the idea of Scripture arose and the Old Testament took its present form. … The process by which the Jews became ‘the people of the Book’ was gradual, and the development is shrouded in the mists of history and tradition. … The date of the final compilation of the Pentateuch or Law, which was the first corpus or larger body of literature that came to be regarded by the Jews as authoritative Scripture, is uncertain, although some have conservatively dated it at the time of the Exile in the sixth century. … Before the adoption of the Pentateuch as the Law of Moses, there had been compiled and edited in the spirit and diction of the Deuteronomic ‘school’ the group of books consisting of Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings, in much their present form. … Thus the Pentateuch took shape over a long period of time.”

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