Bruce Metzger called opening chapters of the bible legend

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We already dealt with the fact that Bruce Metzger called Job folktale and the Old Testament a myth but the ultimate rip off for me is this part in the part “How to read the Bible with understanding”.

“The opening chapters of the Old Testament deal with human origins. They are not to be read as history … These chapters are followed by the stories of the patriarchs, which preserve ancient traditions now known to reflect the conditions of the times of which they tell, though they cannot be treated as strictly historical. … it is not for history but for religion that they are preserved … When we come to the books of Samuel and Kings … Not all in these books is of the same historical value, and especially in the stories of Elijah and Elisha there are legendary elements. … We should always remember the variety of literary forms found in the Bible, and should read a passage in the light of its own particular literary character. Legend should be read as legend, and poetry as poetry, and not with a dull prosaic and literalistic mind.”

The only thing this does and i guess is the entire purpose of is cast doubt in the mind of believers. What else does he achieve with that he said above?

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