Traveling in your Motorhome in South Africa can have its downsides but mostly its enjoyable. One downside is when you get to a camping site and you realise that a few things you must have is just not there. So you booked for a week and you cant really stay because of one of these issues:

No electricity

Many camping sites or rather most camping sites have electricity but now and then you get to a camping site that does not have electricity, And if you have a luxury motorhome and want your things to work you better phone the camping site before the time and find out if they have electricity.

Toilet pump dump

Driving for with your motorhome and you get to your camping site, maybe you want to let those toxic things you left behind go out into the sewer but you realize that there is no place you can empty your toilet tanks. Always make sure if you are planning on emptying your toilet tanks that there is a place to do this.


Water is one of the basic things in life you need to survive. But the funny thing is, we have come to a place that has no water. No a tap or anything. Yes, these people did not tell us. So for the most important part of your motorhome trip, make sure you have enough water and if you go to a camping site, just ask. You might sound a bit stupid but its worth the risk.

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