City of Cape Town shuns F1 grand prix racing

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What a bunch of hippies, the DA shoved the F1 Grand Prix idea out of the way, they put on brakes, halted, stoppped all progress towards Cape Town hosting the F1 and guess what they did instead…. G1 Racing Green and electric cars.

Its called City Challenge Cape Town. It sounds more like this city is challenged.

We already have “biospheres” where the DA runned reserves claim that they are voted biospheres by apparent willing communities.

Once again they are lying, this is not the topic, they shunned the F1 for green racing and UN supported environmental crap.

Although according to news they did say “We have to distribute events throughout the city,” said Groenewald. “With all the events at the stadium, we cannot have the same community being continually subjected to noise and traffic.”

That might be true but the F1 grand prix was only to be once a year. What did they expect building a massive stadium in the middle of a community anyway?

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