Codex Sangallensis

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Codex Sangallensis is a collection of medievil era manuscripts or books currently housed at Abbey Library of Saint Gall in St. Gallen, a old city in Switzerland.

Interesting to note in the book:

The Codex Sangallensis ( ) : a study in the text of the Old Latin Gospels .. (1891)

Harris, J. Rendel (James Rendel), 1852-1941

The following is found:
From these five passages we know that Tertiillian’s text as
well as Irenaeus’ contained the word voluntate. It is certainly,
then, part of the Old Latin translation.

We might confirm this by quotations from other early Latin
fathers as Cyprian and Hilary, and by the testimony of the Old
Latin codices, of which the most important are
Cod. ab which both read

sine voluntate Patris vestri.
The Codex Sangallensis reads

ANfYTGY • npcywcoN
and writes over the Greek the words

sine voluntate patris vestri.

Now there is no reason to call this a Vulgate reading, it is
genuine Old Latin and prae- Vulgate ; and we may be sure that the
Codex contains a great deal of the same sort.

Before leaving the point, we may draw attention to one more
result that follows from the study of this reading. We can have
no doubt that it is an early second centur}^ reading, from the
combination of its attestation in texts and quotations. And it
seems equally clear that it is a genuine Western reading, the
gloss of the first translating hand, perhaps an African hand.

It is interesting, then, to observe that the text of Matthew
X. 29 in its expanded Latinized form has been carried into the
Clementine Homilies \ This is not the place to enter into a
complete discussion of the sources of the Evangelical quotations
in the Clementines, but the reader is advised to note the coinci-
dence between the Clementine and Western text at this point.

1 Clem. Horn. xii. 31.

The codexes are made up of the following:

  • Codex Sangallensis 18
  • Codex Sangallensis 48
  • Codex Sangallensis 51
  • Codex Sangallensis 56
  • Codex Sangallensis 63
  • Codex Sangallensis 190
  • Codex Sangallensis 878
  • Codex Sangallensis 907
  • Codex Sangallensis 1395

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