Codex Sinopensis

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Also known as the Sinope Gospels. Why the name?

The Sinope Gospels is a fragment of a 6th century illuminated Greek Gospel manuscript. The name comes from Sinope in Turkey.

Codex Sinopensis is written on purple dyed vellum.

Origin is probably Syria or Mesopotamia.

It contains:

Matthew 7:7-22; 11:5-12; 13:7-47; 13:54-14:4.13-20; 15:11-16:18; 17:2-24; 18:4-30; 19:3-10.17-25; 20:9-21:5; 21:12-22:7.15-14; 22:32-23:35; 24:3-12.

Also contains illustrations

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