Crystal Pools is a series of waterfalls. So they say. I for one only got to this waterfall before turning back. Crystal pools is a place to go during the summer. Crystal Pools is about a 15km drive from Gordons bay and is located between Gordons bay and Coolbay. Well that is at least where you park your car. Then the walk is about 1 hour into the mountains. When we went there, there was a woman who’s bag got stolen by baboons so that is one thing to look out for. Crystal pools as you can see on the photo is a brilliant place after that long walk. It feels like a oasis in the middle of a dessert when you finally get there. Many people have jumped from these rocks but I have to say its not safe, many have died doing so. Past this pools you can go up into the mountain where you can see the best views of probably most of Cape Town and Helderberg area. Anyway Crystal pools is a great place to go in the summer if you are close to Gordons Bay, Helderberg or Cape Town. 

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