Capetowners is Officially Launched!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Geeks and Emo’s, Teachers and Pets!

Come listen one and all, out of the dark parts of the faeces, thrown by the inhabitant primates, arises a FTO production in association with Cape Town Entertainment and brokenbox productions, presenting for your entertainment: Cape Towners!!

An entertainment news, story’s and events miracle, that shines a light on the dark continent of Southern Africa to reveal to the World nothing short than simplistic divine Wonder, to entice, entertain, and leave you in soft paralysing awe! 

That’s right, we’ve officially launched and have hit the road running!  We’re are so jam packed with event invites, new business meetings and social media networking that we can barely see straight anymore, but this is all part of the fun of business and bringing the news and articles to you our faithful fromtheold news blog readers as well as our many new comers.

This is what we live for, to provide the hard hitting info, events and stories straight to your internet café’s, offices, home pc’s and cellphones, if it’s happening in Cape Town, you’ll be sure to find it here 🙂

Welcome to the new entertainment news empire!  …because you really have to try hard not to have any fun 😉



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