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I think one of the main concerns in my life today is ecology.

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I think one of the main concerns in my life today is ecology.  Our Planet is being ripped apart by corporate giants that could care less about anything other than their next Dollar and it’s killing us slowly but surely.

Im not going to go on and on about what’s happening or how bad it is, I think we all already know how bad it is, or at least have a very good idea.  No, instead I’m going to spend my time giving solutions and building awareness, as well as helping others that can actually make a difference.  At the very least I hope I’m able to connect those that are wanting and willing to help and have the resources or financials to do so, with the people that know what to do and how to do it, but are lacking in public awareness and capitol.

And one really good team I’ve found is, Earth Water Foundation

The EWF is a Non Profit organisation and was founded after several partners from the Water Industry wanted to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, knowing that EVERY DROP COUNTS.

I’m not sure if everyone is aware of this in the Cape, but we’re running out of fresh water to drink in the Western Cape, Plans have already been talked about to convert the sea water into drinking water…which isn’t exactly the kind of Fresh Water Drinking I had in mind.

EWF have decided to establish the Earth Water Foundation to:

Find solutions for polluted water, particularly where water is scarce
Bring clean water to underprivileged settlements
Restore the water of rivers and dams to their natural unpolluted state
Deliver green environmental technology to underprivileged and disaster areas
Educate people, communities and governments on the management of water as a life-giving resource
Mobilise and create Water-Awareness Programs for Schools and other Educational Facilities
Implement National School and Community driven River Bank Clean-up Days


If you would like to find out more about EWF or get intouch with them, you can go to their website: www.earthwater-foundation.org  or contact them at:

Head Office Address 
PO Box 596 
Fax: 086 621 2452 

General Email Address:

Media Contact Information:
Media Email Address –
PR Team Information:
PR Email Address –
Job Vacancies Information: 
Vacancy Enquiries –
Get Involved:
Participate in Our M.A.D Campaigns 
Mad Initiative Email Address –
Change for Change: 
To enquire about getting Change money boxes
Earth Water Foundation News Letter: 
News Letter Email Address –

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