No Weed for Capetowners During this World Cup

Yep, so it looks like Cape Towns really relaxed state of mind will be forced to speed up and concentrate for a change during the 2010 World Cup next month as Provincial traffic authorities and police are homing in on drug smugglers transporting dagga (marijuana) or weed if you like, between the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape ahead of the World Cup.

This month already, arrests were made involving up to 72kg’s of weed being transported between the two provinces. The arrests have apparently prompted authorities to be on the lookout for an expected influx of dagga being transported by road. 


Getting quotes from officials revealed the usual:

Police provincial communications officer Captain Frederick van Wyk said police would always be involved in roadblocks and VCPs, not only because of the World Cup.

Van Wyk said dagga was a common contraband substance and that it was therefore not possible to single out a specific route for its transportation.

"Drug smugglers use various routes to reach their market. However, we are aware of these routes and initiatives, and often our intelligence in this regard results in arrests."

The Police are asking anyone with information about any crime can call their nearest police station in South Africa on 08600 10111 anonymously, or to send an SMS to Crime Line on 32211. Please note that SMS’s are charged at R1 each.


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