Cyril Ramaphosa wants to take land

Thus the story continues. White owned land will never be left alone in Africa. People can say what they want but the boer genocide continues in South Africa.

Now, when one thinks of genocide you might think of people getting murdered by the hundreds and full blown genocide like what happened in Rwanda but that is not always the case.

A genocide can mean the systematic removal of a race, people or group and their traditions, religions or culture.

In the case of South Africa farmers are however being murdered in crazy numbers, in some cases tortured and mutilated.

The part of genocide I want to talk about currently is property. Farmers in South Africa and their property is in danger especially if those farmers are white.

With Jacob Zuma being gone and the arrival of the new ANC president we have to wonder what exatly is going to happen next and what plans the ANC has for South Africa.

If you read the news today you will see that the new ANC president might not leave the rand at R12 a dollar.

No this president thinks that if you take land away from white South African farmers that it will turn South Africa into the garden of eden… Because you know, that worked out really well for Zimbabwe.

According to News24 he said that only a small portion of “the people” had their land returned to them.

Everyone in South Africa except the Khoi did not originate from here. Only the Khoi originally lived in South Africa before 1652. The people that are here now migrated from other parts of Africa and the world.

So, who exactly is “the people” and what land is he talking about? Of course he means the land must come from white farmers but to say that very few of “the people” got their land back is a punch into thin air.

Interesting to note that whenever members of the ANC and EFF make statements of “the people”, white people are never included. As to say white people are not part of “the people” in South Africa.

This paints the picture clear actually.

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