Digg and WordPress dont mix

Back in the day, sort of like two years ago when the internet was still younger and much more unspammed wordpress was great to see on the frontpage of Digg. Tonight I wondered why we dont get to see those great WordPress articles on the frontpage of Digg and I soon discovered shit loads of spam. But in the spam was some great articles hidden, i realised that the WordPress crowd and the Digg crowd is two different groups. No kidding. My point is that any great WordPress article must be something else than a theme or a plugin that might sound frontpage worthy, it should be something that change WordPress or the way we use wordpresss. Another thing I’ve noticed is only trusted sites gets to the front page of Digg, (no shit) the point I am trying to make is that you just wont find great WordPress articles on Digg so you might as well stop looking.

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