Does Newscorp own both the satanic bible and the N.I.V?

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You might of heard that the same people that own the copyrights to the NIV (New International Version) also holds the copyright to the satanic bible? Well that is true. Indirectly owned however. Rupert Murdoch, yes the same Rupert Murdoch that received “knighthood” from Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony mostly owns Newscorp, which in turn owns both HarperRowCollins that bought Zondervan in 1988 and owns Avon Publishers that publish the satanic bible.

So its true, Newscorp indirectly publishes both the satanic bible and the NIV.

1 comments on “Does Newscorp own both the satanic bible and the N.I.V?”

    • Tom
    • 29th February 2012

    That’s blasphemy and insanity. He’s a satanist running a media empire? What freak would want to own that garbage –

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