Ever heard of Doggerland? Most people haven’t.

Europe and Great Britian used to be only one giant continent and just beneath the surface of today’s North or Southern North sea used to be land, land that you can walk on and that most probably a place where people lived before the Great catastrophe.

The area according to some scientist was flooded in the 7th century BC but some believe the vanishing of Doggerland happened when all the other major religions and cultures talk about the great deluge or massive catastrophe that wiped out the ancient world.

Today however all evidence of what might of been there has most probably been destroyed by fishing trawlers. If something did survive then no one found it yet.

Some fishing did pull up some remains of animals, tools and weapons.

One night in 1931 a British fishing trawler named the Colinda had their nets down at the bottom of the North sea, upon pulling their nets back in the boat they noticed whatever they pulled in the boat was something different than usual.

The skipper, Pilgrim Lockwood returned the artifact to shore and eventually it ended up in the Museum in Norway. What they found turned out to be an ancient harpoon.


picture: public domain. Nasa

The picture above is where most people believe the location of Doggerland is. Some believe the location was much, much bigger above water than is shown here.

Doggerland shows us two thing, one that the sea levels were much lower at some point and two that some great deluge or catastrophe happened that changed the face of the earth.


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