There is a new service that where you can send your messages to space. Just dont know where to find it right now. But phoning Telkom with a issue, well is exactly that. A issue.

When you phone Telkom to report that your phone does not work, you obviously have to phone from your cellphone. Which is obviously not free. So in the first place Telkom can stop saying they have a toll free number. Because they dont.

You can also get your bag off chips, a good flash game (if your internet actually works) and a drink because when you phone Telkom you can be prepared to sit for minimum 1 hour on the phone listening to some robot that tells you how much they care. The robot really does not of a choice in this. So dont feel loved. He is not real.

Telkom hates all South Africans. To prove my point. Go into the squater camps where people could of had some nice blogging jobs if they had a internet connection and ask anyone if they have a internet connection. I thought so. They dont. Having cheap internet creates millions of small jobs. A person living in those conditions would be able to feed a family by making dollars online using free services such as blogspot.

But we are stuck with Telkom.

I could of been a very rich person by now if I did not have the slow South African internet connections that we have today.

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