Driving with your phone should be legal

In many countries driving with your phone is illegal. Now i think that is pretty crazy.

Here is why.

Lets say you drive and you have your phone in your hand and 50% of your brain is focussing on where you are driving. That means there is 50% consentration on the road which is not that bad considering you are a busy person. That also means you have the rest of your consentration to go on chatting.


Lets say you drive and you have your phone in your hand, but this time it’s illegal to drive and phone at the same time. So you have to split your consentration three ways. You have to focus on not getting caught which drives up your nervousness increasing your chances of doing something wrong, you have to then split the other 50% in TWO parts one of driving and one for using the phone.


Lets see which one is more dangerous.

Having two places to consentrate? Or three?

I thought so.

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