In Entrecard’s new store you will be able to buy anything from tshirts to maybe mobile phones depending on what users would like to sell. You can basically sell anything at the price you choose.

Maybe you can sell that old surfboard you dont use for some points on Entrecard to get more advertisement for your new blogging hobby or even full time blog. The new shop will enable you to not only buy from Entrecard but also from Entrecard members as I mentioned earlier.

I am planning on selling some stuff. Entrecard is more addictive than playstation and while you’re having fun getting credits those credits will really become useful once the shop arrives. It’s already useful but just imagine you can use your credits to buy stuff.

I will be selling my old domains I dont use anymore including some great 125×125 designs. I will probably ask around 200 credits when I start selling the 125×125 designs and move up as I go along. Another great idea is to sell WordPress designs. I cant design WordPress themes because I have no idea how, but since some people use Drupal for their blogs I will design custom Drupal themes starting for about 2000 credits each.

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