Arise Cape Town Fashion week 2009

The Arise Cape Town Fashion week has become on of the biggest anual fashion events in South Africa. It is particularly a big deal for fresh up and coming new designers right out of college .

Day one, Thursday is a dedicated solely to Emerging new Designers. Most of them are just out of college. So the first night is not to be missed because that would be where you would see truly unique and eclectic fashion.

Day two, Friday will be focused on Sportswear, swimwear and of course style. These would be fashions from Arise Fashion Awards most recent winners and the swimwear collections by Lovewaterlove.

Day three, Saturday the big finale featuring day wear and evening wear by five major fashion designers/brands Carducci Women, Gavin Rajah, Kl√Ľk CGDT, Fabiani and Stefania Morland.

The Arise Cape Town Fashion week will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre obviously in Cape Town. Tickets can be bought at Computicket and a full schedule with times will be provided.

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