Farmer attacked – Christo Janse Van Rensburg attacked with petrol bomb

The genocide continues. We have reports of another farmer that got attacked last night on his farm in Heilbron. When he arrived last night at his gate to open it while driving to his house he got attacked by men who then shoved a petrol bome in his bakkie’s window.

He sustained serious burn wounds and is now recovering in hospital.

After they attacked him he tried to get out the car but they then set him alight and tried to stab him. They poured more petrol on him but luckily he managed to escape.

This is obviously an attempted murder, nothing was stolen and as usual these savages just try to kill.

Safe country? Yeah right. This comes just one week after an entire family got executed in Griekwastad in the Northern Cape. Even the 14 year old girl was shot.


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