General election recap

I see all blogs in the neighborhood giving their best of 2008 and their most viewed posts and the famous posts of 2008. Well I am going to do a recap of something I have interest in and not be like the rest. I have to be different you know.

So here is a recap of all the posts of the 2009 South Africa general elections.

First of all is the fromtheold official page of the 2009 General elections.

Then the other posts I have made about the elections

Time running out before the general elections

Zuma quotes experience

14 years of rule for the ANC and now promises again

Violence threatens elections

Here comes the election wars

2009 South African general elections will be most important

Cope calls for non racial party, raises the bar with Afrikaans speaking people

Ok i guess you can just do a search. I’m a bit lazy.

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