During the Rwanda genocide more than 1 million tutsis were murdered but it didnt happen overnight and the next morning it was over. It happened in a space of three months. Three months of non stop murders, rapes and total chaos.

If one were to get ready for such a event, and we should since we have all these people in government doing what the Hutus did just before the Rwanda genocide started. They are secretly ( or maybe not so secretly) starting to excite the people to murder out white people.

There has been a silent genocide going on in South Africa for a few years now, where white farmers are murdered for nothing but the South African government blames it on crime thereby hiding what is really going on from the outside world.

So, the average time span one has to be prepared to bug out for is about 3 months to 6 months. Can you imagine living that long in a place somewhere in nature where you have to provide for yourself?

I believe the time is coming. Are you ready?

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