Google Adsense, the more ads you have on your page the less money you make online

Using Google Adsense still makes money online, and the great thing about Google Adsense is that you can almost use it on any site without adult content. But there is one thing that many people still dont know about Google Adsense. The more Google ads you have on a page the less you make per click.

So if you have one ad on your site, you would make more if someone clicked once on that ad than you would make if you have 3 ads on your site which is also the maximum for Google Adsense that you may use on your site.

So the more ad spaces and the more ads displayed means less money. Even if someone would click on one ad every time a visitor would come to your site, it would still mean less money than if you have one ad on your site that someone would click.

So its best to test out which ad gets clicked the most on your site if you are using Google Adsense and take out the other ads.

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