Often I want to review a website, blog or gadget, but I used to not know where to start. That was until one day when I decided to sit down and make a formula. Well not really a formula but a step by step list to help me when I dont have much imagination.

So if you want to review why not get in the habit of using a certain layout, list or step by step guide that you can make yourself. That way people will get used to how you write by seeing the style, and later they will know where to find what in a review.

My layout is something like this for a website:

1. Design

I usually write about the design and layout even if it’s got nothing to do with Search engine optimization or web design.

2. Functions

When reviewing gadgets you can use this as well as reviews for websites. What is the purpose or function of the website or thing you are trying to review.

3. Usability

Is it easy to use, hard to use? What can it do that others cant? All these things I ask myself and try to explain how I see it.

4. My opinion

This is usually where I write about personal thoughts I have of that which I am reviewing. Just exactly what I think of it.

5. Resources

Here I try and provide resources like links or whatever can be provided.

6. Sell something.

If you want to sell something try and do it before the end of the review, like if you review a laptop, try and sell the laptop at this point. Just a example.

7. The end.

This is where I end the article off and ask users to comment or join the rss feed. Try to interact with your users at this stage and get them to interact back with you.

This is just a example of such a list you can make for yourself. So looking at that which you want to review you can just ask yourself some questions go through your list you made and immediately have something to write about.

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