I wonder about Noah’s grandfather

Noah’s grandfather died the exact year the flood started. I think God might of waited for his grandfather to complete his life before starting the flood. I have read a book where it said that Noah learned by his grandfather. I think it was some lost book supposedly, not sure but it is interesting that it happened right after he died. The flood started the exact same year and maybe the same time Noah’s grandfather died. Interesting

2 thoughts on “I wonder about Noah’s grandfather

  1. No, see, actually God had to wait a little while because some darkie in Africa invented fire and he had to pass it on to someone else, who had to pass it on to yet another darkie, who passed it on to a friend of his who passed it on to his now ex-wife, who then passed it on to her live-in husband, cause her children didn’t really care to use fire…

    So, anyway. To make a long story short, these darkies told God to just wait a bit until they perfect fire before he sends the flood. God relented but told them he’s not going to save them, only these other okes from the Middle East. They said, fine, God and sped off to the Middle East to give the secret to Noah, who was drunk at the time but managed to get a fire started that burnt the pondok where his grandfather was staying. God then had to start the flood to try and extinguish the flames, however, it did not work. The old man died and the rest is history.

    Didn’t you read the whole story??

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