Imagine That – Movie Trailer

imagine_that_poster ‘Imagine That’ looks like another great Eddie Murphy movie, well at least in a while. When I was younger I saw Eddie Murphy as the funniest black actor accept of course for Bill Cosby. But after ‘Daddy daycare’ he made a couple of movies and to be honest I cannot remember any of them. How could I forget the series of Shrek movies where he was donkeys voice. He did an excellent job at that the only entertaining part for me and of course puss in boots is hilarious too.

The plot is about a man whose career has reached a place where he is starting to move backwards instead of forwards. One day he realizes his daughters imaginary world is a window in things happening in the market and how he tries to save his career by trying to use his daughters imagination.

There is obviously drama but it looks like a feel good comedy where the drama leads to a better understanding of life. Plus it helps that the girl is as cute as a button and Eddie is as funny as ever.

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