Jani the little seven year old with Schizophrenia

This is a heartbreaking story of a little girl who is severely mentally ill and has no where to go. Her parents are struggling to cope and is just trying to keep her alive and hopefully happy. This is little Jani Schofield who has Schizophrenia, which means she has her own reality which is a world she calls Calalini which is almost more real to her than this world. In that world she has over 200 ‘friends’ which can range from furry creatures to a little girl named 48hours. Now this might sound harmless, so what the Jani has a big imagination. Well it’s not, this other world controls her actions these ‘creatures’ tell her what to do and how to behave. Her father has said that it soon became apparent to them that Jani was not in control of these ‘friends’ but rather that she was at their mercy like a puppet. He has described how her voice, her eyes can change but most of all her whole personality can go from sweet little girl to frightening dangerous girl. The dangers are not just to others Jani has tried to take her own life multiple times from throwing herself out of a window to trying to choke herself with her bare hands.

The reason why this story even made the news is because these parents have no where to go for help the institutes are not equipped for small children and the schools don’t know how to handle the situation leaving the parents to struggle to keep their daughter alive. They have even gone so far as to swap their two bedroom apartment for two one bedroom apartments so that they can keep their son save from Jani. The videos I found can be hard to watch and very disturbing especially if you are a parent.

I found a two part interview the family had with Oprah where Jani told Oprah she doesn’t want to talk to her.

The Oprah Winfrey Show – 10/05/2009 – 7-Year-Old Schizophrenic Part 1 // FULL episode

Oprah Winfrey Show – 7-Year-Old Schizophrenic Part 2 – 10/05/2009 –

This video is an interview of her parents and Jani titled ‘A place for Jani’


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