Koeberg power plant is a disaster waiting to happen

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Koeberg is not safe, its a disaster in waiting. Power stations like Koeberg arent built to be used this long without property upgrading which Koeberg did not have.
Koeberg nuclear power plant is what they want you to believe safe, its in reality a disaster in the happening.
Even the Koeberg Alert Alliance agrees that Eskom is experiencing problems and I say these problems are more serious than Eskom wants to admit.
The nuclear powerplant is loaded to its maximum capacity and we are importing more electricity daily.
According to Eskom, Koeberg might only be up and running in April again.
This old powerplant is busy living on luck, its way to old to be running.
We can clearly see this, its not even close to winter and Eskom is already asking people to reduce their electricity usage and switch off all non-essential appliances as the power system is “extremely tight” as present.

To add to that, have you ever seen Cape Town’s evacuation plan in case Koeberg decides to blow up?

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