Leave your camera at home.

As photographers we usually scan our surroundings and hope to find something that we can capture. We are constantly seeking new concepts and ideas to take out with our photography jobs or hobbies.

Many times we go to parks and spend the day with our families and really dont miss a single moment, we take all the angles and for sure we even have it in sepia or black in white.

But if you think about it when was the last time you left your camera at home and just spend some time with your family, the way they enjoy spending it. Not smiling for 100’s of photos or posing in a group. Some photographers just cant seem to go without their cameras. I guess I also find it hard to leave my camera at home, but sometimes we just have to.

Take the day off, leave your camera at home and dont think of every frame as a photograph but rather as a memory you can think back on. Sure we like to capture everything on camera but sometimes we just have to not get it on camera.

For once take your eye off the focus hole and spend some quality time.

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