Leaving your comments for a week. Blog comments checking and spam stuff.

This week I did not filter out my comments, like I usually do. The reason for this is because I could not. But I have realized a few things.

1. You dont need to filter comments everyday, just keep an eye on who you need to reply to.

2. You dont need Akismet since most spam has to do with medical, casinos and things usually with the same keywords. WordPress has a brilliant built in keyword blocker and if you use that you will be amazed at what spam you can stop just by filtering a few keywords.

3. You only need to take 10 minutes a week to remove all the spam comments and you dont have to check every five minutes for new comments.

4. Your rankings will not drop if you have spam comments although it might annoy your readers. That is if you use nofollow though. If you use dofollow your blog will be affected by spam.

5. I also realised that you have to type your articles and make place for comments. If you type your post in a way people would not be able to leave comments of have their say the chances are that you wont get that much comments.

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