pestsI have always preferred organic, who wouldn’t? There is nothing that taste as good as a freshly picked fruit or vegetable. There was just two things that have kept me from making a veggie garden myself; reason number one for me is that the snails and other bugs get to the fruit before I can and two I am really bad at growing something from the seedling 🙂 my patience does extend to waiting so long. The second reason I would just have to accept as part of nature but my first one I can do something about. I hate chemicals in a garden. I have two beautiful children who would put anything in their mouths so ‘traditional’ pesticides are out. The whole point of a garden is to eat something fresh and healthy not to feel as if you are handling poison the whole time. So when I saw this article on spices that kill garden pests I just had to check this out. You would be surprised by the things I learned.

Oils from thyme, rosemary, mint has been tested the most. Their oils can kill other bugs: Research suggests the oils interfere with the insect nervous system, making the muscles so hyperactive that bugs essentially spasm to death.

The oils also can disrupt an insect’s cellular membranes, causing fatal leakages of essential fluids.

The plant oils are most effective against small, soft-bodied bugs that suck on plant juices, such as aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites.

There is a couple of side effects such as it does not last as long nor is it as strong as conventional pesticides. That only means you would have to apply it more often and in large quantities for it to me truly effective. The plus side is that it’s easy accessible and only harms the bugs you want to keep away and not bees and butterflies that you want to encourage to come to your plants. This results in your plants producing more.

garlic_drawingIn my quest to find more information on organic pesticides I also found other methods such as cross cultivating. One of the things that you could use a lot is garlic. For example if you plant garlic with tomatoes it would repel red spiders and mites. If you plant it around fruit trees it would keep away borers. You could even spray garlic on sweet potatoes to keep rabbits away. And this little tip has nothing to do with a garden but it is handy, if you have a pond in your garden or there are ponds or still water you can spray the ponds with garlic-based oil that would kill all the mosquitoe larvy and the adult mosquitos.

Here is a handy recipe:

You can plant garlic and onions in your garden to ward off pests with their aromatic scents or you can make a mixture of garlic, onion, and green peppers to spray on your plants. In a blender add a couple habeneros peppers (or any really hot peppers), a large onion (chopped up), a whole bulb of garlic cloves (peeled), enough water to blend the ingredients together into a mush. After all is mixed and blended cover with a gallon of warm water and let stand 24 hours then strain. Pour mixture into a spray bottle and mist your infested plants. Repeat daily until pests are gone. You may want to try spraying a little on a few leaves first to make sure you don’t get a bad reaction on your plants. Keep all unused mixture in the refrigerator for freshness. Since garlic is a broad spectrum natural insecticide, it will kill beneficial insects as well as the pests. Spray only the affected areas where pests are doing most damage. Organic compounds like allicin found in garlic, capsaicinoids derived from green chilies and sulphur compounds extracted from onion give the pesticide the strength to fight the pests.

marigolds_veggie_gardenYou could create a border around your vegtable garden by planting planting Marigolds, lemon grass, neem tree, cosmos, thyme, basil, rosemary, geranium, mint (pots are best since mint goes wild), rue, tansy, and oregano these plants keep away pest away naturally. If you do want to you could mix them together so that it looks more like a wild garden than a vegetable or herb garden.

I found these three videos of a organic farmer in India. The first video is about him explaining why and how he started farming organically the second is how he is using cow dung for fertilizer and gas for daily use. And third video is of what he uses for Organic pesticide and fungicide.

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