Malls are not made for people

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Malls are made for shops, companies and corporations. Malls are not made for people. Think about the old days when people had to grow their own food, hunt for their own food and farm their own food. Think about the reward they got. Hard work and small reward but the reward meant so much more.

This is not the same as working a job you dont like then getting a reward you already knew the outcome of. The excitement of the small reward outweighs the rewards of which of was known before receiving it.

Point is, the reward is not that big when shopping because of the want when walking through a mall. Take this for example.

A guy goes hunting for food, he captures a rabbit. The reward was huge because he only spotted the rabbit, maybe a few other animals but not lines and rows of animals that he really wants. Imagine he walked through a mall, saw 100’s of rows of goats for example, thousands of animals that could be eaten, then at the end he gets the rabbit. The satisfaction will just not be the same.

Be a minimalist shopper this year.

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