Most Do follow is No follow on Do follow blogs.

What I mean with the title is that after WordPress 2.3.2 most Do follow plugins on WordPress have stopped working. That means if you advertise that your blog follows comments and someone sees in fact that they are not they might get a bad impression from your blog. How exactly and what exactly happens when you upgrade I have no idea but the fact is you should double check if you have a do follow blog. I installed some plugins on Firefox that shows where no follow is and I was really surprised to see on most Dofollow blogs actually have nofollow.

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25 thoughts on “Most Do follow is No follow on Do follow blogs.”

  1. Well, in either case, you can still call it spam. Whether the visitor IS interested in your blog/post and comments with interest or not and just wants a link. In other words, it depends on the blog owner himself/herself whether (s)he is willing to appreciate the comments and accepting the links in exchange or just as a sign of appreciation, simple as that. If not, then by all means, removing the ‘URL’ field takes 2 seconds! Google that out. Don’t leave the URL and then judging people for spamming, most are not spamming, they post with interest and once they see the option of leaving their website URL, why not?
    I’m all for DOFOLLOW or just remove the URL field! Don’t leave it with nofollow, that’s more a trick in making some people comment without interest. So anyway, all for dofollow,

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