Mount Merapi erupts

Mount Merapi in Indonesia has erupted. After hearing three loud bangs people saw the mountain finally erupted. The eruption began at around 6:49pm local time on Tuesday.

It is unknown how many people are now in danger but yesterday authorities estimated that around 50 000 people would be affected. There were also pyroclastic flows recorded yesterday.

Update 1:

There were 19 people injured by ash. The mountain can blow and most people were already evacuated except those that refused to go.

The volcano for now is not expected to erupt any bigger than at the moment.

Update 2:

The photo above is said to be of the volcano in Indonesia. Taken by twitter user Dila Aprinda Sari. Although we cant find her twitter account the image seems to be real.

Update 3:

20 people injured by hot ash

Update 4:

Second photo beneath by twitter user: holongLUBIS

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