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Skipped panic attack pills

Did you know there is two kinds of panic attack pills, one that you take every day to keep the panic attacks away and one that you take if you have one right now. I forgot to take my daily pills and now i sit with the confusion that comes if you skip it. What i noticed as well is with prescription pills for panic attacks is that you have some memory problems as well the comes with it. Like not being able to remember so good. But I will much rather have that than the constant panic attacks and confusion.

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Panic attack? Have a bath

Taking a nice bath will quickly get rid of you panic attack or at least it will remove some stress. I dont have 100’s of facts about this neither can I tell you the mental stuff or anything behind it. It just works for me.

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Coca cola, coffee and panic attacks

I really like coffee but one of the things that gives me more panic attacks is coffee and especially Coca cola. Coca cola almost always gives me panic attacks, whether its the sugar or caffeiene I am not sure. Everybody says its the caffeine, I go for that as well. The best bet if you stress or have panic attacks is to stay away from Coca Cola.

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Avoid panic attacks or stress on your pc

Do one thing at a time.

Dont have hundreds of browsers open and cluttered desktop with 4 Instant messengers while you are speaking on skype and trying to watch a video. That is just a recipe for stress. Have one browser open and forget multitasking, it will make your life easier if you are a daily panic attacker. Work in a silent office and declutter your desktop. Dont have any icons it might make a big difference. Have one cellphone. Have one screen.

Another thing. USE LINUX.

With all the constant pop ups and updates and firewalls and anti viruses going off while you are working you must use linux for a non stress blog and work environment.

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Health blog

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If you get panic attacks by certain sounds which is possible, invest in some good ear buds it might just help with those panic attacks.

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Panic attack while driving

If you get panic attacks you might of gotten one while driving. Its really scary because you cant focus on what’s going on around you but if you get a panic attack while driving the best thing to do is to slow down, stop talking if you are talking, switch of the radio and turn down into a empty street and drive really slow until you are relaxed again.

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Dont worry you are not going mad or losing your mind

Before I found out that I had panic attacks, I did not know what was happening to me, my heart started beating faster and I could not think of something specific and I almost could not remember things at that certain time when I had a anxiety attack. Anxiety and panic attacks is two different things but I just use them both when I speak because I get them both and there is no difference to me.

Anyway, as I was saying that I really though I was loosing my mind but its just a panic attack. Sometimes they come without your heart beating fast and all the other symptoms and just your head goes weird almost like you are going mad. You have to see a doctor it might just be panic attacks your are getting

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Taking deep breaths

Taking deep breaths might help you if you feel you are getting a panic attack. I am not doctor but it really does help. But when you get a panic attack I guess the last thing you really can think about is relaxing and breathing in and out.

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