The voice seems to be rather shocking. I bet that is what the guy that wrote it intended. The biggest reason any Christian would skip right over this version is because “Jesus Christ” is not found in it. The two words together are not found, they are probably found separate though but not together.

David Capes, lead scholar for The Voice claims that this bible version is “a more accurate translation for modern American readers”. Yeah right.

Frank Couch is executive editor and publisher of The Voice.

Matthew Paul Turner worked on several Psalms and the book of Esther.

I dont know if these people are Christians or not but you gotta have some guts to put out rubbish like this. Who cares what man says, they have to answer to GOD on day.

Jesus Christ is who the bible is about. Yeshua, Jesus the Son of God, the Christ.

The Voice was published by none other than Thomas Nelson publishers.

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