Afrikaners under attack

 Afrikaners are now under attack in South Africa, the white descendants of the voortrekkers and the few remaining white Africans are now in a serious threat with brutal and horrific murders happening daily. Not only murders but torturing as well.

From the ANC Youth league, South Africa’s ruling party shouting "kill the boer, kill the farmer" outside the only Afrikaans school in the area to the ANC Youth league leader blaming white South Africans as being out of touch and not caring what goes on in South Africa. South Africa has now become a threat for white Afrikaners living in their own country.

It does not stop there. Last year a town in the Free State’s major decided to plunder Afrikaner voortrekker monuments and now they want to take away one of the last remaining Afrikaans city names in South Africa.

Afrikaners or the Boervolk is under attack, their entire safety, culture and way of living is under attack. Their history is under attack.

Just yesterday Tokyo Sexwale blamed the boers for the millions of black homeless people. He said that the boervolk chased millions of black people from farms.

That is untrue and a true indication that this will probably end up in more farm murders. The genocide continues.

About 1 million white people have left South Africa and the rest are under attack. Where this is going we can only imagine but the future does not look good for white South Africans, especially if you are Afrikaans.

When will the Afrikaners fight back?


17 thoughts on “Afrikaners under attack

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  2. Meng jou met die semels dan vreet die varke jou op.

    Anyone who sinks to their level will share their fate. They will destroy themselves.

  3. I mean if anyone wants to go on a racial killing spree they will lose, not just because it’s the wrong thing, but because of many fundamental things like the statistics of this country and physics. If we learned anything from the ANC years it should be that two wrongs do not make a right. In my opinion we need to let this play out. It’s just a feeling I have that things are about to take a turn for the (more) weird and it will completely flip the dynamics of this country (and many others) on its head. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

    That’s not to say that the farmers shouldn’t quietly kill anyone who attacks them then bury the bodies where the dog takes his shits and then not tell anyone about it.

  4. The other thing is that you can always spot good propaganda by the use of fear to get people to do something stupid.

    The blacks aren’t the problem, not even the government is a real issue. It’s the c*nts paying the government to do what they do who are the problem, and I’m not just referring to taxpayers.


  5. Hi from Germany
    I’ve been to Bulgaria, Argentina and Brazil.

    Yes all three would be better for poor Afrikaners than SA, but how do you transport them? How do you give them a kickstart? Each country has its own pros and cons. Argentina is vast and unpopulated, I think they might even allow free settling of Afrikaners in more remote provinces. Buenos Aires is a spectacular place, but the economy is still shaky. Brazil is overcrowded and multicultural, but the economy is booming and skilled specialists might find very good oportunities. Bulgaria bears the scars of communism. Its present is humble but the future might be brighter. Yes it is safe, quiet and even lazy (but not the capital). I love Plovdiv! EU is already funding large projects, western investors are there to stay, but still too much remains to be done. The government wants to balance the influence of Muslims (12% of total population, manipulated by Turkey), and Russia in the interior politics. So yes, there are chances, they are not in Schengen yet. German media often accuse Bulgaria for liberal visa and citizenship policies.

    Russia, Ukraine – too much bureaucracy, too much alcoholism, not real democracies. Serbia is fine, but it has accepted more than 200 thousand ethnic Serb refugees. Croatia is about to join EU, so go for it whoever can :)

    Czechs are weary of any German presence, they would rather see Martians in Prague than more Germans (i.e. Afrikaners). Maybe Romania is OK too … Latvia also – too many orthodox Russians there, so protestants might be welcome.

  6. There would be a real answer to the poor Afrikaner/Boer population.
    They would have to create small self sustaining communities in the Western Cape, Northern Cape, or the vast open spaces of the Free State.
    It is much more realistic in the long run as most very poor Afrikaners could in no way afford an airplane ticket and extra to start a small business.
    Move to Bulgaria?
    You have Bulgarian women here in South Africa who come on tourist visas and then marry middle class S.African men(usually English speaking whites), all for a better life. I hardly think that it would be easier to relocate to another poor country.
    Poor Afrikaners at the bottom of the food chain pretty much just have to work together in small communities as they already do. They will have to live semi nomadic lifestyles(like their Trekboer ancestors did for a century during the 17 hundreds till the early eighteen hundreds) between city edges and some empty open spaces. I don’t think the government really feels a threat once you start talking about the poorest half a million white Afrikaners once they are just living on the edge of survival.
    1. The poorest Afrikaners in Gauteng and Mpumalanga should move to some rural Free State areas where they can do what many are doing and that is renting the use of boreholes on small plots of land and live a subsistence life style with their families. I have visited rural Afrikaans squatter camps on the outer edges of Pretoria, and trust me that those people are used to the African bush more than anything and were never rich to begin with, are used to living on little but what they need to do is learn to build simple small structures to live in and raise a few goats and chickens.
    I know of a middle class Afrikaans coloured man who owned a few acres of land and some poor white Afrikaners are living with some of the coloured workers on the land together and they pay a small fee for use of the borehole and they are happily living on the coloured man’s land paying him a small rent while they raise just enough goats for themselves and they have little huts that they fixed up and built ceiling with wood from pallets and varnished them nicely and painted the little workers’ cottages white. There is always a way when people work together.

  7. Afrikaans is an interesting language to me and it relates to Africa much better than English. The spelling is straightforward and makes sense and is just as simple as Spanish spelling yet Spanish is in no way a stupid language, unlike English spelling, which is full of exceptions to the rules. English is great too but it does not hold the same cultural affinity to Southern Africa as Afrikaans. In Afrikaans you have words and expressions pertaining to Southern African weather, plants and animals.
    I was a teacher for eight years in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Many teachers found Afrikaans interesting because of it’s many roots in different languages.
    I grew up speaking French and English fluently, I can read and write in Arabic fairly well, have a good knowledge of Thai and Burmese and know some German and Spanish as well. I find Afrikaans to be fascinating. DON’T BE ASHAMED TO SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE! THERE IS MORE GOOD AFRIKAANS MUSIC THAN EVER BEFORE. THERE IS GREAT AFRIKAANS HIP HOP FROM THE WESTERN CAPE.

  8. My Father is an Afrikaner. A German who became Afrikans. And my mother is Jewish, We love the Afrikaner people very much.
    We need to support the Afrikans people and believe me, stand with the Afrikaners and allow them to defeat the enemy. The Afrikaners built up this country. THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!


  9. Also Eastern Europe! Maybe within EU, Bulgaria’s immigration policy is quite liberal (for EU standards!) for opening a small business (i.e. a restaurant). Also the Czech Rep and Slovakia for skilled workers. Serbia and Croatia are not in EU, so less bureaucracy, Ukraine and Russia may provide opportunities too…

    Hmmmm, maybe Bulgaria is the most liberal at the moment… It’s EU’s back door but it’s safe and financially more stable than Romania, Latvia or even Hungary. Besides, the government is nationalist and is facing a demography crisis, which means shortages in workforce too. That means that white and Christian people wanting to move to the country will actually be welcomed…

  10. There is no other home for poor Afrikaners but Southern Africa. These people have lived for generations in an environment of their own with their own language and habits. There is no other place for them to go to. The situation today is the same as it was under British rule 110 years ago up till the 1930s and early 1940s.
    They will just have to survive as their ancestors did before them. There were other times in their history when they lived in poor squalid conditions and in dangerous environments. Let me tell you that you are more likely to get attacked or robbed if you look like a well off or rich white person than if you and your family live with a group of other poor Afrikaner families in a poor squatter community. And I know that for a fact from experience.
    Trust someone who knows. Those of us here will just have to accept that a large component of Afrikaners are poor and are here to stay just as most poor Zulu, Xhosa or Setswanas who are poor have no choice either. Only the non-homegrown white ethnic groups(English, Portuguese, Greeks, Italians, etc…) here in South Africa have the possibility of leaving in large numbers when or if things get tougher due to them having possible dual citizenship or connections with overseas relatives.
    Face reality!

  11. Forget EU… not a single country cares about Afrikaners, not even Holland. The poorer EU countries are also in a difficult demographic situation; this is why they (in theory) might agree to a resettlement sceme, but it’s just a theory, not proven in practice… the same as Argentina. Ask the white woman with her son begging on the streets (the one that appears in Google when you search for “poor” and “Afrikaners”) will she agree to move to Bulgaria (theoretically). Don’t talk about yourself, you have a few years before you’ll want it too. But then the Bulgarian women with their white SA husbands will have bought all plane tickets. But for now forget EU, try Argentina (if you can’t go anywhere else). Eventually all will return home, maybe just in a few years. But now better leave.

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