American Idols Top 12 finalist

Here are the American Idol’s finalist in order as announced on the show:

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Here are the American Idol’s finalist in order as announced on the show:

1. Didi Benami
2. Siobhan Magnus
3. Paige Miles
4. Casey James
5. Tim Urban
6. Lee Dewyze
7. Crystal Bowersox
8. Michael Lynche
9. Lacey Brown
10. Aaron Kelly
11. Andrew Garcia
12. Katie Stevens

Didi Benami came into Idols in tears and very emotional but with a beautiful voice. Her last performance where she sung Rhiannon is what ensured that Didi has gone through.

Didi Benami in American Idol Top 8 Girls

Siobhan Magnus has been the oddest of the ladies so far. She always surprises everyone not just with her song choice but how she sings it. In the past when watching her it was strange to see such a strong voice coming out of such a small person. Her last performance, House of the Rising Sun by The Animals, was once again surprising. Siobhan sang with so much feeling it was on the somber side but that was not a bad thing, just different.

Siobhan Magnus in American Idol Top 8 Girls

Paige Miles, honestly she sing good she has a wonderful voice but she is not original. She needs to find who she is and what works for her. Most of the other female contestants are doing better purely based on the fact that they have found what works for them. Here are two of her performances, the first one is of her last performance. Paige sang Smile by Charlie Chaplin, some moments was great but overall I did not like it. The second video is of the Top 12 ladies where she performed Alright Now by Free and that is what make her stand out, she has a soulful, strong voice.

Paige Miles in American Idol Top 8 Girls

Paige Miles American Idol 2010 Season 9 – Ep13 Top 12 Girls

Casey James is one of my favorites. Not just because he is good looking but his voice is the type of voice I could listen to for a long time. Casey is such a mellow guy and it comes through in what he sings. His last performance was good, it was so relaxing to listen to him, he has such a soothing quality when he sings. He sung Keith Urban hit You’ll Think of Me while playing acoustic guitar. This is the first performance he looked so serious without his usual shy grin but I still loved it.

Casey James in American Idol Top 8 Boys

I did not think Tim Urban should be on this list two weeks ago but his last performance showed me what people saw in him. Tim Urban has the look of a ‘I’m a good little boy’ this was the first time he sung and it had depth and actually meant something. Tim sang Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah bringing him into the Top 12.

Tim Urban American Idol 2010 Top 8 Guys – Hallelujah

Lee Dewyze is the rock singer of the group this year. What I mean with that is he has the look of a rock singer and his voice suits ‘bar rock’ music. His last performance was alright I preferred his previous one more but this one he was trying something different. Lee sang Fireflies by Owl City also playing his guitar like many of the top 12.

Lee Dewyze – Top 8 Boys – American Idol 2010

Crystal Bowersox is the most worthy of the top 12, this woman is amazing. She is a true artist, she sings her way and looks her way and it works people like it, I like it. Crystal did the best performance of the night during the Top 8 Ladies when she sang Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman. The song made her my favorite female singer again.

Crystal Bowersox in American Idol Top 8 Girls

 I did a whole article on Michael Lynche and his amazing performance during the Top 8 Men, I am not surprised to see he has made it to the Top 12 finalist. Michael performed This Woman’s Work written by Kate Bush but he did more of Maxwell’s version of the song.

Michael Lynch American Idol 2010 Top 8 Guys – This Woman’s Work

Aaron Kelly is a real cutie, he really is still a boy but his voice is that of a much older person. Aaron can sing, he struggled a bit through the performances but his last performance was beautiful. He sang I’m Already There by Lonestar he was a bit slow at start when he picked up wow.

Aaron Kelly in American Idol Top 8 Boys

What’s up with Andrew Garcia? He sings fantastic I love his voice but why does he keep singing songs meant for girls? Is it just because it worked that once? I don’t know but I hope he gets it right next time because I liked him right from the start but now I am rather annoyed with his song choices. Still glad he got through though, his last performance Andrew sung Genie in the Bottle by Cristina Aguilera, after wards the song that made him a hit.

Andrew Garcia Top 8 (With Comments) American Idol 2010

[HD] Andrew Garcia – Straight Up *Acoustic Version* // American Idol Hollywood Round

Katie Stevens has a lot of growing still to do, she has to catch up to her voice. I liked her more when she sung the older type of songs because it suited her and she enjoyed singing them. Her last performance seemed forced, she said differently but still it seemed as if she is just trying to hard with it. Katie has got the right voice once again lets hope next time she makes the right choice in song. She sung at the Top 8 Ladies Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson.


Katie Stevens American Idol Top 8 Girls




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