ANC supports genocide against farmers in South Africa

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe of South Africa recently said that farmers "exploit foreign nationals by reducing them to cheap labour" this then he said resulting in the killing and genocide (although he did not mention the genocide) of farmers in South Africa because of revenge and anger.

This blatant ignorant and uneducated lie just shows that the ANC supports the current genocide happening in South Africa, evidence makes it clear that the farmers that get murdered are mostly not by those that they employ but rather by strangers that also sometimes kill those that work for these farmers.

The farm murders are a result of the ANC’s hatred against white people and because of leaders in the ANC spewing out inflammatory speech. Most of these farm murders are done out of nothing but hatred towards the white population of South Africa.

The DA also made a statement about his idiotic statement:

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe has recently alleged that farmers “exploit foreign nationals by reducing them to cheap labour” resulting in farmers being killed out of anger and revenge. This statement is profoundly misguided and ignores the hard facts surrounding this sensitive issue.

The facts are that more than 1600 farmers have been murdered since the ANC came into power – a trend that is still continuing and escalating.  Very few, if any, of these murders were the result of foreigners employed on farms, indeed there is a strong case to be made that a significant number are the consequence of inflammatory speech by political leaders. Certainly a great many are the consequence of nothing more than hate, as the gruesome circumstances surrounding many farmer murders attests to.

Crime is a problem facing all South Africans and violent crime in particular is often defined by acts which defy any explanation other than a deep seated hatred for a person’s fellow citizen. It is true that a tiny minority of farmers do mistreat those people in their employ. These farmers are a disgrace and their actions should be condemned in no uncertain terms. But the vast majority of farmers are committed first and foremost to South Africa and helping grow this important part of our economy. To paint all farmers with the same brush is fuel on a fire than needs to be clamed, not encouraged. It is short-sighted for the Deputy President not to be more particular.

His failure to do so suggests that the ANC government is trying to shift the focus away from its inability and unwillingness to handle and control the illegal influx of people from Zimbabwe and other neighbouring countries and violent xenophobic attacks.

Farmers are also monitored for fair labour practice by the Department of Labour and inspection results show that the agricultural sector is performing better than other sectors of the economy.

The Deputy President should avail himself of the facts before making unfounded allegations like this against farmers.

The DA will pursue these allegations further by asking the Deputy President to substantiate this in parliament or to apologise to farmers for these inflammatory remarks

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