Limpopo, South Africa – Another tragedy struck this morning when a gang of 15 men broke into a farmhouse in the early hours of Saturday morning. This is not crime, this is genocide as more and more farmers and Afrikaans speaking people come under attack from vicious genocidal gangs in South Africa.

After the gang of 15 hooligans broke into the house of the farmer they tied him up and started beating him. They beat him to death for no reason. Another white South African farmer dies in cold blood.

His wife was gang raped by the animal like gang of 15, they repeatedly raped her and when they were finished they then started assaulting their four year old daughter.

According to Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe he says that the break in happened just before 4am this morning. Nothing was stolen as usual in these farm attacks. The woman and her child are now in hospital, a wife without a husband and a child without a father.

35 thoughts on “Another farmer murdered, wife gang raped and daughter assaulted in South Africa

  1. Blacks and whites will it seems never get along and will eventually it seems go to war. Blacks think they will win because they are many. What they forget is that its not the counts that win wars but the weapons that’s used. And money buys weapons of which the whites have lots as the blacks contend. Whites will make them the minority if they refuse to see reason and start acting responsibly. Boers don’t respect their workers and that generates a lot of hatred and then tragedies like this happen. Sympathy for the families

  2. SA has no future as one the only way to win a free state is to lobby the wealthy whites to talk to ANC about an independent white state

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