Bill Blair admits there was no outside perimeter law – G20

Toronto, Canada – Toronto’s police chief needed some serious protection today. It was the first time since the G20 summit that he was out and about. Protesters and other groups now want the police chief to resign because of the "secret laws" that turned out to be lies.

Bill Blair the police chief of Toronto admitted that the 5 meter law that we wrote about earlier never really existed. It was not a law. The fake law said that anyone that come within 5 meters of the fence will get arrested if they dont provide relevant ID for being their. It turned out that most people that even had ID got detained.

Bill Blair openly admitted to the Canadian Press that he there was no law like that. "No, but i was trying to keep criminals out" was his reply.

Blair also mixed his words telling people that police clearly told residents of Toronto that those that want to come in the perimeter of the G20 would have to show ID. The arrests however took place outside the perimeter and not inside where the "law" was passed.

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