Blackwash group says xenophobia anger should be directed at “settlers” (white people)

A group calling themselves “blackwash” wants the anger directed at the foreign nationals in South Africa to be redirected to the “settlers”. The group is spreading the “Anti-Afrophobia” pamplets in townships and they have been doing so since July the 9th 2010.

There are rumours and more than just rumours to show that xenophobia will start after the 2010 World Cup. This group wants that directed at white people according to their pamplets.

Part of the pamphlet reads “We want what is ours, we will not kill our brothers for menial jobs which pay starvation wages or for selling tamatoes and potatoes. our country is rich but the ANC has given it to the settlers and some of its leaders in BEE deals to loot.”

Who exactly is the settlers? Well as they say “The white elite settlers”.

17 thoughts on “Blackwash group says xenophobia anger should be directed at “settlers” (white people)”

  1. Good observations but very uninformed!!! whats is the difference between post 1994 and now? the same systems are still in place just being applied by black managers. No one is asking for blacks only south africa, all people are asking is the recognition of black people as human, everything was designed for white supremecy its what we all longing for. Yes if chase White people away we will become like Zimbabwe becuase we will sanctioned glabal activities and our economy will become meaningless becuase the system of dependency was created years back. Look before settlers we were able to live without the world interference now we can’t.

  2. Do they think the outside world will stand for any such attacks on white South Africans ? They wont! The only reason South Africa got the world cup is because there are still whites living in the country which make the country still stable. Any nonsense and we will start to pull out and let them starve!Just like the rest of Africa is, why do they think the neighbouring blacks are crawling over South African borders? its because they wanted the country just for blacks and now that got what they wanted, that being the country just for blacks they starving and need to run over the border to survive.
    Remember you reap what you sow
    Most proberly that group called ANCYL and their fool of a leader Julius Malema.They to useless to do anything constructive.

  3. Of course they’ll stand for it. They just stood by and watched Zim. We are not special. They will treat us the same.

  4. Those of You, no matter where you’re from, what you look like, what you believe in, who rally against one another, you will be braught down by the most high! There is great relevance in the causes that motivate Black-wash, poverty/equality etc., but the fact that we people still limit our own personal growth, and worldwide growth, in terms of acceptance of each others differences, like im black, you’re white, Fuck you, youre south african, youre foreign, fuck you, your a jew, im a palastinian, fuck you(to name just a few), these insults to each other an humanity as a whole, are purely superficial, which is somehow still widely acceptable!? we are all children of the earth, we are all human, part of a whole greater than ourselves, we still live in the dark ages, but not for long, all those who will do harm physically, mentally, spiritually to his/her brethren will be brought into the light, the reason i believe blackwash has a limiting mindset, is because they are already boxing themselves in, the best initiative of theirs is black consciousness, im already concious, see the bigger picture, and we will heal this world together as one, no more starving people, no more racially motivated bullshit! i&i we are all children of the earth, we must diversify our beliefs and come together as one

  5. I am happy about Jackie Selebe going to prison for such a long time, but who knows he might stay for a couple of months and come back to the society just like they did to Shabrik Shaik. Is that the justice of South africa? Well maybe because he is an old black madala he we stay in prison for that 15 years he is sentenced. VUKA DARKIE…94′ HAS CHANGED FOKOL!!!

  6. Fuck all you black kaffers, you dont have the balls to push the white man out of South Africa because you need the white man. You just talk and talk but do nothing just like the AWB did. Why dont you just shut up and keep working in the white mans garden with your wife in our kitchen. You and your people are just savages and need the white man to educate you and keep you under control. I hope Mandela the terroist dies soon.

  7. First it the sms about killin’ white people on 27 april and after the world cup.i live in the township so y i havn’t seen those pamphlet?or is just another way of scaryin’ white people by white because always these are started by white people.

  8. No.
    The cavalry of the UK, USA or most other countries for that matter will not swoop into SA to “save” the whites.
    If there is nothing to be gained from it, like mineral resources they feel they might need, then forget it. The best you can hope for is a short news insert once or twice, and that is it.

    Thus is the nature of human beings…

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