Blackwash group says xenophobia anger should be directed at "settlers" (white people)

A group calling themselves “blackwash” wants the anger directed at the foreign nationals in South Africa to be redirected to the “settlers”. The group is spreading the “Anti-Afrophobia” pamplets in townships and they have been doing so since July the 9th 2010.

There are rumours and more than just rumours to show that xenophobia will start after the 2010 World Cup. This group wants that directed at white people according to their pamplets.

Part of the pamphlet reads¬†“We want what is ours, we will not kill our brothers for menial jobs which pay starvation wages or for selling tamatoes and potatoes.¬†our country is rich but the ANC has given it to the settlers and some of its leaders in BEE deals to loot.”

Who exactly is the settlers? Well as they say “The white elite settlers”.

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