CAPE PARTY stands with ABATHEMBU SECESSIONISTS and wants constitutional review

We wrote about the AbaThembu tribe wants to secede and now the Cape Party is standing behind them. We dont hear the sold out Freedom Front plus making a noise for the Afrikaners so maybe someone else should stand up and do the job.

The Cape Party said in a statement:

The Cape Party supports the claims of the abathembu clan to the
Independence of the territory east of the Fish River. The claims of
the Thembu chief highlight a flaw in the present South African
constitutional framework, wherein many differing cultures have
legitimate claims to self governance. It further exposes the
fraudulent idea of South Africa as a unitary state.

Owing to this fact we call on the South African government to
institute a conference reviewing the current constitution, paving
the way for the secession of the Western Cape, Thembuland and other
provinces too, should the people’s consent be granted.

We are prepared to discuss this issue with the leader of the
abathembu, to safeguard the territorial integrity of the Cape
Republic. We call on the peaceful dissolution of the Republic of
South Africa, and self determination for all its people.

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