Cape Town weather finally brings the heat

Cape Town, South Africa – During December the weather was not the best Cape Town has seen in a while. The constant wind kept it slightly cooler than usual while the soaring heat stayed relatively low. Today however the weather was predicted to reach a staggering 36 Celsius, at some places however it has reached more than that. Along the Cape some places reached 38 Celsius today which clearly shows us that the summer heat is finally here.

A fire had to be put out as the Cape Town fire season also seems to have started just days after rows of shacks burned down close to Cape Town. On local radio stations they warned not even to leave the house as the heat will continue till the end of the week.

What makes this worse is that most False Bay beaches are now on high alert following the shark attack on Fish Hoek beach. Some beaches are closed and the NSRI chased people away from the cool water since early this morning.

In Fish Hoek area the shark alarms are on a all time high. People continue to sweat throughout Cape Town as we welcome the hot summer season.

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