Congratulations on your RFID chip. New healthcare bill will force you to get RFID

Washington, USA – The New Healthcare bill they want to sign into law in the US contains some interesting information. According to the bill there will be required to:

“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that—‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and ‘‘(B) is a class III device; or ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.”

This could be that the US is the first nation in the world to require all citizens to where a “device that is implantable”

Interesting things are happening on that side of the world, it turns out Obama is bringing some change. Not exactly change you want to believe in though.

(Please note. We think it could just mean things like: pacemakers, spinal cord stimulators or such so take that in consideration when reading this.) You decide.

35 thoughts on “Congratulations on your RFID chip. New healthcare bill will force you to get RFID

  1. Looks like you figured out my plan Algoresmells but it won’t do you any good. I think you and all the other True Blue Americans are screwed. Soon you will be sorting recycling at gunpoint while your children are taught to masturbate and smoke crack imported from Cuba and Venuzuala.
    Your only hope is to change your name to Chico.

  2. I predict that if this Illegal Marxist president Obama, the boy man from Kenya continues to tramp on the US Constitution, and the rights of the People there will be a revolution against the government by the people. This will be a revolution by all ages of the working class against unfair taxation, violation of individual rights, abuse of power, crimes against the Constitution, and treasonous acts by the government. I predict that the civil law enforcement and the military establishment will not take up arms against the people, and will join this revolution. The government will attempt to form a Gestapo like paramilitary force of volunteers from the The Black and illegal alien community in the US to restore Obama’s Marxist law and put down the uprising. This attempt will fail and outcome will be a restoration of Constitutional Law, the sacking of all Marxist followers of Obama the boy king from Kenya, and a round up and deportation of all illegal persons living in the United States. There will be great death, destruction and bloodshed, from this revolution that will last for 2 years, but this revolution will not falter, and fail. Instead, the people will enjoy great support from the the New World of growing Democracies, while the Old World of useless European Nation countries and the UN will sit idly by, and offer lip service to the Obama Marxists.

  3. dude you’ve been watching Fox news and birth of a nation too muchs. What the fuck? “boy king”? Dude this isn’t a fucking minstrel show. Army of blacks and illegals? obama a marxist? Get your facts straight, don’t fuck up the revolution by distracting yourself and us from real issues…you might as well work for the feds and bend over and take that RFID. prejudice tea bagger bullshit wont get us anywhere. the revolution comes from within every individual, anyone who is oppressed. Obama is just like all other politicians that have become president, hes just following the legacy and following orders. this ain’t marxism buddy. The Sandinistas are marxist, the EZLN is marxist, the PLO were marxist, the NVA were marxist. Marxism has nothing to do with it

  4. 1% of the population in the US = 3 Million people, that is a pretty significant force, and I bellieve that there are a lot more than 1% of people that will refuse to take the communist NWO mark in their body… USA is heading for a showdown, revolution, long live the Constitution !!!!

  5. True, this will happen. Funny sounds like the RFID as the mark of the beast. If you don’t take it you will marked for death. It’s up to you to believe or not.

  6. AMEN! LONG LIVE THE CONSTITUTION! They will NOT succeed in their continued efforts to DISMANTLE it!!!!!!! They have NO RIGHT! If they want Socialism and the NWO so bad…. they need to MOVE THE FUCK ELSEWHERE to another country and seek out their SOCIALIST/ COMMUNIST UTOPIA!!!! ANTI-AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7.  Interesting info.

    They also said this (verichip) 

    • “PositiveID will be the first company of its kind to combine a successful identity security business with one of the world’s first personal health records through our Health Link business. PositiveID will address some of the most important issues affecting our society today with our identification tools and technologies for consumers and businesses.”
  8. Damn right, Obuma’s a MARXIST! A freakin’ Marxist/ Progressive COMMIE!!!! And WHY should he “take orders” from ‘higher Marxists if he’s one himself? Do you know how STUPID that sounds? I agree with the 1st post…. after all, who ELSE would fight the freedom-loving, REAL Americans but the blacks & wetbacks? Hmmmm? Maybe throw in a few left wingers and the Marxists & Commies… and THERES YOUR BUNCH THAT WILL FIGHT US TRUE AMERICANS IN THE UPCOMING REVOLUTION! The freedom hating SOCIALISTS could care a LESS about upholding the Constitution, freedom, liberty and the rapidly declining SOVEREIGNTY of this dying nation!!!!!! They will fight if for nothing more than hoping this nation will turn to SOCIALISM, so the Govt. can take CARE of them!!!! LAZY FUCKS!!!

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