Did Bill Gates call for population control at TED?

 Bill Gates the Microsoft man blatantly said as far as anyone can tell on this video that lowering the earth’s population with the use of Vaccines, Health Care and reproductive health care services.

"Now if we do a really great job with Vaccines, Health Care and Reproductive health care services we could lower that by at least 10 to 15%" Bill Gates while speaking on population.

Check out the video and decide for yourself

TED presentation Feb 2010

2 thoughts on “Did Bill Gates call for population control at TED?

  1. This scare video is completely unconvincing and downright silly! It is obvious that the world population will have to be controlled in the future. Earth is a planet with limited resources. Biological process work at finite speeds and, therefore, plant growth limits human population. Moreover, to sustain the world’s present biodiversity, humans must cede a portion of the planet to wildlife. Otherwise, the incredibly intricate chain ranging from microorganism to large mammal is broken. Bill is on the right track, but focusing on the wrong methods. The use of vaccines is wholly unnecessary as the continual success of China’s one child birth policy demonstrates. China, a country of a billion people, will, within 35 years, become a country of under 600 million people since only one parent is being replaced. Most Chinese support this policy willingly and see the long term benefit to their country and the planet.

  2. Actually the planet is far from over populated, there is enough space for every person in the world to have one acre of property in Australia. Yes the entire world can fit in Australia.

    Over population is a myth. The only place that is over populated is America because they use so much resources. No where else in the world do they use that much resources per person. That is the real issue.

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