500 foot crack in the earth appears in Michigan, US

A large crack suddenly appeared after what seemed like an earthquake in Menominee Township of Michigan, US. There are a few videos of the crack but this one seems like the best.

Locals or authorities dont know what it is and have also contacted experts that can figure out why such a massive crack appeared.

No one knows if it was a earthquake, volcano or what might be beneath and causing also the earth to lift up at places.

There is no fault line in that area so a fault line theory cannot explain what is happening there.

Looks like something out of a horror movie.

Here is the video:






2 thoughts on “500 foot crack in the earth appears in Michigan, US

  1. I have been reading historical accounts of mass sink holes swallowing up whole groups of people and even whole towns. In the
    bible it is associated with punishment and destruction of people and nations. In science they are a present day puzzle.
    since they are world wide and not always can be blamed on earthquakes. Whatever the cause, these are harbingers of
    ever encreasing instability of earth’s crust and a real threat to civilizations.

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